Oral Cancer Screening

As part of your six monthly examination at this practice your dentist will carry out a simple oral cancer screening protocol which includes observations on both the exterior and interior of the mouth.

In the UK nearly 8,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Cancers can occur in any part of the mouth, tongue and lips, as well as other sites in the head and neck area such as the throat, salivary glands, pharynx, larynx and sinus.

Early detection of oral cancer is often possible. Tissue changes in the mouth that might signal the beginnings of cancer can often be seen and felt easily.

Observations carried out during an oral cancer screening

1)  Observation of face and neck to check for swellings, skin abnormalities, moles and asymmetry.

2) Observation of any changes in texture of the vermilion border of the lips and mouth (the vermilion border is the normally sharp differentiation between the lip colour and the adjacent normal skin).

3) Enlargement or abnormality of palpate lymph nodes in the neck.

4) Assessment of membrane lining of mouth, lips and cheeks.

5) All areas of the tongue.

6) Back of the throat.

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Here is what one of our patients had to say about cancer screening.

oral cancer screening letter